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EBIC OILFIELD EQUIPMENT LTD. heavy weight drill pipe is the industry standard for an intermediate weight drill stem member, and is available in standard, spiraled and non-magnetic designs, making it useful in a number of applications.? It shares its dimensions with standard drill pipe for easier handling.? Our heavy weight drill pipe carries a unique center upset or wear pad to increase tube life while reducing hole drag and differential sticking problems.

All tool joints exceed API requirements, and all threading is performed in accordance with API Spec 7.? Our hardbanding is applied based on our customers specifications and requirements.? Tungsten carbide and casing-friendly hardbanding options are also available upon request.? Grade identification grooves are applied to API RP7G specifications, or to meet any specific requirements.

Features and Options

  • API Stress Relief Features (SRF)
    The pin stress relief groove and box boreback features increase connection flexibility and reduce sress concentration, thereby reducing the frequency of fatigue failures.

  • Phosphate Coating
    All drill pipe connections are coated with a durable phosphate coating that inhibits corrosion resistance, and prevents shoulder and thread galling.

  • Internal Plastic Coating
    An internal plastic coating option is available upon request.

  • Hardbanding
    Various optional hardbanding materials are available including Arnco 300XT and tungsten carbide

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Dimensions - Standard and Spiraled

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