Premium Connection
Drill pipe
Drill Pipe Production Chart Drill pipe parameters Drill pipe features
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
HW Drill Pipe parameters HW Drill Pipe features Heavy Weight Drill pipe
Drill Collar
Drill collar Process Drill collar parameters Drill collar features
Standard Non-Mag    
Rotary Kellys
Square Hexagonal    
Crossover Subs Circulating sub Bit sub with float bore
Top drive saver sub Kelly saver sub Lift sub
Lift nubbin        
Tubing Casing Premium Connection
Line Pipe
Line pipe- ERW Line pipe- SSAW    
Drilling Equipment
Power Tong Hydraulic winch Spinner
Elevator Spider Cement head
Bushing Filter Cartridges Hydraulic make-up and break-out unit
The fully welded ball valve Power Unit Swivel
Torque control system        
Wellhead Device Christmas Tree Gate Valve
Check Valve Chock valve Plug Valve
Chock and kill manifold Drilling Fluid Manifold Test Manifold
Blowout Preventer Drilling ToolĄ¯s Inside Blowout Prevention Device Ground Control Device
Well Service Equipment
Fishing tools Milling tools Drill stem tools
Directional well tools Well head tools Testing tools
Accidant remedy tools Coring tools Cementing tools
Downhole servicing        
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